About The Adaway Group

The Adaway Group is a black woman owned consulting firm that brings together multi-racial teams to work on projects related to equity, inclusion and social justice.

We bring a distinctly structural framework to our work. We understand that inequity, racial and otherwise, is the result of cumulative disadvantage built into social institutions, via law, policy, and everyday practice. We work from an intersectional perspective, which believes that organizations thrive when they build cultures that are inclusive of wide ranging ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, religious, and national identities and abilities. You can read more about what we stand for here.

Some of the organizations we’ve partnered with: IBM, Asheville City Schools Foundation, United Airlines, TransAfrica, YWCA Asheville, The Girl Scouts, Dogwood Alliance, Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis Fund, Rotary International, Mycelium School, Opportunity International.

Desiree Adaway is the Principal of The Adaway Group

I’m a consultant, trainer, coach and speaker building resilient, equitable, and inclusive organizations.

I hold a vision for people’s lives, workplaces and communities until they can hold it for themselves.

I have over 20 years experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries. I’ve designed and administered more than 150 global programs and led one of the largest Humanitarian Grants programs in the country.

From this experience I know that if you want to create real and lasting change in the world you can’t expect to get something better if you’re doing the things you’ve always done.

The Adaway Group can help you do something different, something transformational for you, your team, and your clients.

Career Highlights:

  • Senior Director of Volunteer Mobilization for Habitat for Humanity International.
  • At Rotary International, served as the director of their largest Humanitarian Grants program.
  • Crafted and administered partnerships that secured over $10.5 million in funding from a variety of private and corporate resources.
  • Helped design and administer more than 150 global programs that directly engaged 500,000 people into action and almost one million people indirectly through the creation of global strategies.

I believe that to create work of depth and meaning, leaders need to fully engage both their creativity and their intellect. I ensure that the Adaway Group helps organizations make full use of both abilities to create strong narratives that showcase not just the data, but the story behind the data.

Working Together

I encourage you to contact me if you have any additional questions or want to know how we can get started working together.