Executive Director Mentoring and Leadership Program

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In this changing environment, transformation is not optional.


The future will demand a collective rethinking of what it means to be a nonprofit organization.   Let me share 25 years’ worth of nonprofit management and program design experience with you! I can help you get where you need to go  more quickly and with fewer growing pains. Together we can make sure that you are ready to lead and manage the 21st century nonprofit organization.

This program attracts participants from all over the world and produces powerful, confident, committed, informed  nonprofit leaders.


Overview of the Executive Director Mentoring Program:

 It is the future that is important. Where your organization is going and how you will get there. 

This program provides coaching, strategy and mentoring sessions around starting and leading a nonprofit organization. This program is goal oriented. We concentrate on where you want to be a  leader and a professional and how to get you there.

Every nonprofit organization must have a carefully developed structure and operating procedures in order to be effective in fulfilling its purpose.  They must also have the right person with the right skill set leading the charge.

Good governance starts with helping the organization begin on a sound legal and financial footing in compliance with the numerous federal, state, and local requirements affecting nonprofits.

I will work with you to create a personalized and intensive mentoring experience.

I will provide you with coaching, strategy and mentoring sessions that will:

  • Help you answer some important questions that often arise during the early stages  in the life of an organization
  • Offer practical references and guidance  when making important decisions.
  • Consider board recruitment. This board will help translate the ideas behind the organization into reality through planning and fund-raising. As the organization matures, the nature and composition of the board will change. Take a look at the board’s composition and examine how the addition of new talent could make a difference and strategically recruit new members
  • Strategize a comprehensive marketing campaign (brochures, flyers, annual reports, web site, advertising) making sure that your marketing materials have a consistent design and convey consistent key messages to promote instant recognition.
    • Develop a written plan for financing the work of the organization, including developing and sustaining new financing sources. Your organization’s current source(s) of funding are insufficient for the work you are doing. Target specific funding sources rather than taking a “shotgun” approach to fundraising. Your organization’s funding should be a combination of income sources, i.e., earned income, donated income, contracted income, investment income. This is a stronger position than depending on one or two sources of income.


This two month long-term mentoring and coaching program will include virtual phone/Skype coaching every week; email coaching between sessions; individualized exercises, assessments and “homework”.

  •  The sessions are one hour long, and take place over the phone. I recommend calling in from  a quiet, private, and comfortable location. If you wish, I can record your session and email you a link to the audio.
  • Session appointments are available from 10 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time.  You can check your time zone here.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, please let me know at least 72 hours in advance. This time is being held for you — missed appointments and late cancellations will not be rescheduled.
  • Upon payment, you’ll be directed to a page with your call-in number and a link to my online scheduler. You’ll have six months from your date of payment to complete your series of eight sessions.


I have a large network of trusted resources that can help me help you. Collaboration, clear communication and fearlessness will be the cornerstone of our work. Let’s get started!