The soul of any movement is inspiration.



Storytelling is the most powerful way of moving ideas into the world. The stories you tell the world, and just as important, the story your organization tells itself about who it is, who it will become, and what it values. As an organization evolves, its stories evolve – they become richer and deeper, more complex and more authentic. When storytelling is done right, it can be used as a powerful leadership tool.


Big ideas matter. They feed and sustain us. They frustrate and scare us. They call us to act. They call us to question. They call us to fail. They call us to step into greatness. I give talks, lectures and keynotes to nonprofits, universities, and businesses, especially those with an interest in social entrepreneurship, on the power of community. The big idea is to understand community as a body that will support us, hold us accountable, challenge us, and create a safe space for growth. When I speak or write I do it to inspire you to act, to move, to connect, to create, to transform. I offer expertise-driven content and insights with passion, power and integrity.


All of my presentations have a mix of thought provoking content presented with humor and wit. I weave in revealing stories about my own experience, and that of others, to illustrate points. When I teach, I make it a point to connect with every person in the room and create a safe space for their growth. I am practical and supportive with decades of experience that I infuse into my presentations.  I am known by staff, senior leadership, peers, and partners as being great at open, honest, and productive conversations. I am not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of great work. My style is positive, approachable, engaging, service-oriented and audience-centered.


Meet your Speaker: I am a strong, strategic business professional with the breadth and depth of having worked with organizations of all sizes in various phases of transition. I deliver the insights and expertise of having served in senior-level roles in the nonprofit and grant management sectors for such renowned organizations as Habitat for Humanity International and Rotary International.

I thrive at partnering with talented leaders to successfully navigate through integrations, reorganizations, and throughout all stages of organizational evolution. My industry expertise includes fundraising, grant management, and environmental, social justice, and faith-based initiatives. I am skilled at helping organizations achieve consistent, quality program results at chapter, national and international levels.  I have designed and/or administered more than 150 global programs to engage 500,000 people into action directly, and almost 1 million indirectly, through the creation of global strategy. I have crafted and administered partnerships that have secured over $10.5 million in funding from private and corporate resources. I evaluate, assess and measure organizational strength to ensure that organizations have programs and measurement systems in place to leverage their social, human, and financial capital for the greater good.

Professional Highlights

      • Principal of a consulting practice that helps nonprofits and social entrepreneurs professionalize their organizations.
      • Major Engagements include IBM, United Airlines, Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity International, and Rotary International.
      • I have worked in, and traveled to, over 40 countries, including India, El Salvador, Mozambique, and Tajikistan.

My years of experience can help you create workshops, lectures or webinars that:

  • Turn potential for crisis into opportunity. Support you as you embark on something new, different or difficult.
  • Retain talent by helping teams see the connections among their talents, their actions and their missions.
  • Help your organization identify and refine your greatest talents.
  • Identify and invest in the parts of your organization that are working–focusing on building-up and building-out your areas of excellence.
  • Prepare your people to manage difficult individuals or challenging situations.
  • Prepare for the future direction of your organization with the ability to pivot and adapt as environments mandate while remaining focused on your core mission.

Bottom Line: Your audience is going to be educated and entertained — but even more than that, they will get pragmatic and useful, tools, resources, and information to help them be more effective in their work.

Popular Topics

The Beauty of  Community-Building, and Transformative Change: People are changed and communities are built through the power of stories  and connection. Participants engage in an exploration of how authentic storytelling and deeper connections can help their businesses grow, and their organizations have more impact in the work they do.

Power Start Your Partnerships: All of us who are committed to nonprofit work understand that funding needs to flow in order for us to be effective. A check never writes itself. Every donation is associated with a story, history, and a community.  I will teach participants how to join forces with other business owners, nonprofits and sponsors–for impact, for influence, for income, and to change the world. During the Haiti earthquake crisis, I helped coordinate and support partnerships with corporate and non-profit partners and hundreds of volunteers to create thousands of shelter kits in less than two weeks. I know that partnerships done right work!

Raising Unrestricted Funds for Your Organization: It’s all about engagement done right. Bringing together the right mix of resources so you can create lasting change. I show participants how to design programs and strategies that create revenue and advocate for their organizations. Every organization wants to create lasting change.  To do this, you must build a trusted network of supporters, donors and believers.

Community-Building Skills for Leaders: Participants learn to define, identify, and build community. They learn about the stages of community development (pseudo-community, chaos, emptiness, true community), and explore why it’s better to build community than build teams.

The Power of Deep and Soulful Listening: Effective listening is the first step to justice and transforming communities. We will explore the art of the question — what it means to listen for deeper understanding, and how listening is one of the most crucial skills in leadership and community building.

Thriving in Transition: Let’s lean in and embrace the chaos. I help participants make sense of their organization’s transitions so they recognize and seize new opportunities. I teach about the challenges of facing the unknown and emerging on the other side transformed. Participants will leave understanding the value of the waiting spaces, the hard places, and the need for chaos in their own and their organization’s transition processes.

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