Gathering of the Sisterhood 2017

What if a group of powerful women gathered together for fellowship, community and connection? What if we gathered not because “we had to” but because the desire to connect is one of the greatest hungers we have?

What if we gathered because our desire to speak and act is more important than our desire to be afraid?

What if we gathered because we are becoming aware of the ways society has taught us to disconnect from our own power and from each other.

What if we came together?

Why Gather?

Gather to be free

Gather to be brave

Gather to be bold

Gather to be heard

Gather to question who we are

Gather to question who we want to be

Gather to challenge

Gather to learn

Gather to dismantle

Gather to dissect

Gather to survive

Gather to reclaim

Gather to restore

Gather to renew

Gather to resist

Gather to speak truth

Gather to get free together

We cannot do this alone.

Join the gathering of the Sisterhood (not just cisterhood) to create brave intersectional spaces to explore ideas, concepts, tools and strategies that will set us free from all the shit holding us down.

We will be gathering in Washington DC October 28th and San Diego, CA November 14th (More cities may be added in 2018, stay tuned)

This will be affirming space and welcome to all who are ready to reflect and have real conversations built around my daily “Dear Sister” post on Face Book. This gathering is not about networking or building your business to six figures it is about building you in all the ways that matter.

We are not gathering for fame, we are gathering for freedom

You want in?

The gathering will be a ½ day workshop (light snacks included) where we will

  • Create a brave space to question the status quo
  • Bear witness to others lived experience
  • Write
  • Reflect
  • Laugh

  • Select Gathering

    I don’t offer refunds on in person events, but what I can offer you is my personal commitment to make this one of the most productive and rewarding experiences of your life. You are more than welcome to transfer your registration or gift it to someone if your plans change or better yet let’s find a local woman that cannot afford to attend and allow her to attend in your honor

    I am looking forward to gathering with you soon!