You get the culture you create.


We know what the research has shown. If we want to sustain our relevancy, doing equity and inclusion work is not optional, it is essential. It takes hard work. It takes looking at our cultures critically and deciding on what we’ve done well and what needs to be cut out so that we can move forward and be sustainable.

That’s why our services begin with a deep inward analysis and review of the structure, culture, and relationships that comprise your organization. We ask hard questions, and the result is an increased awareness of the critical issues and challenges in building and maintaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. We ensure that your teams get exactly what they need to be successful.

The Adaway Group’s offerings will help you discern where you are, where you need to be and what is standing in your way.

Anti-Oppression Audit:

The audit is a process that will assess your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in relation to racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, sexuality justice, immigration, language and accessibility. Our oppression audit asks how does the culture, structure and relationships of the organization comprise and compromise its work? Basically, we assess what’s working and what’s not.

Goals of The Audit:

  • Identify where your organization  is on the continuum of oppression/anti-oppression culture
  • Examine how oppressive structures are embedded in actions, policies, history and beliefs of the organization
  • Outline strategies to incorporate anti-oppressive practices
  • Facilitate the on-going shift from being a transactional to transformational culture
  • Provide recommendations and guidance to your organization using an anti-oppression framework

Trainings and Facilitation:

  • Lead bias and inclusion workshops for your staff (in person or virtually)
  • Facilitate meetings and retreats through an anti-oppressive lens
  • Creation of effective organization-wide communication and decision-making strategies
  • Staff and board development workshops and trainings
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation
  • Development and creation of successful workgroups


  • Leading teams in times of transition
  • Coaching staff, board, and leadership teams to improve their leadership and management skills from an inclusion and equity perspective
  • Culture and organizational transformation focusing on inclusion, equity and innovation
  • Team building workshops

Creating Partnerships:

  • Facilitating the shift between having transactional partnerships to transformational ones by:
    • Research and negotiation of strategic collaborations
    • Working with internal and external collaborative relationships
    • Corporate and civic engagement

Ways We Work with Individuals:

“It is typically NOT the headline grabbing incidents that drive most workers, people of color or LGBT folks out the door. Research shows that the last straw is typically just another slight after an extended period of enduring daily micro-insults against them.” –Giving Notice, 2007