Leadership + Connected Community + Fearlessness

This is the secret sauce that helped me reach many big, hairy, goals and navigate some pretty choppy uncharted waters.

Leadership – Folks don’t work hard for organizations or businesses, they work hard for people.  I became super successful when I was owning my expert status, my power, my voice and making sure I had the skills and ability to get the job done and take others with me. Leadership skills are essential to wealth creation, success, and happiness.

Connected Community – Relationships are key to getting business done. Networking and building a community before I needed them expanded my exposure and impact — that helped increase my income.

Fearlessness – I was daring, fiercely daring. You want a bigger and richer life and career? You have to risk being uncomfortable. True personal growth only happens when we move forward, and that only happens when we have strength and courage and face our fears. Usually it’s nothing more than being willing to risk being uncomfortable or looking foolish. You have big plans…do not let your need for comfort kill them!

We all have a decision to make; we can be average or we can be exceptional. You always have the choice to stay exactly where you are or reach for something more. The choice is yours.

My Ideal Coaching Clients:

  • Are ready for change and willing to do the hard work to make it happen
  • Are willing to take risks to achieve their goals
  • Are looking to expand their network, and by doing so expand their resources, impact, exposure, and income opportunities
  • Are committed to holistic growth. Innovation is encouraged and supported
  • Are bold enough to question and brave enough to act

 At the end of our time together you will be a stronger leader, better connected, and more courageous than you ever thought possible!

Why I can be of service to you…

I am a Consultant and Coach. Learn more about my background and coaching style here.

How I can be of service to you…

  • Is it time for a re-invention? Does it feel like the old ways are no longer working or getting you the required results? I can help you take a true assessment of your skills, opportunities and options while offering candor, insight, and creativity so we can make change happen.
  • I can help you flesh out ideas and turn them into reality. I will work with you to compare a new concept against existing ideas.
  • Together we can think through the obstacles, benefits, and advantages of making your dream bigger, badder and bolder than anything you have ever  thought of.
  • You are an executive in need of an objective advisor to help you see a situation through fresh eyes, without any filters or preconceived notions.

I have a large network of trusted resources that can help me help you!  Collaboration, clear communication, and fearlessness will be the cornerstone of our work. Together we will create a safe place of mutual support at all times. I will ask you the hard questions and I will encourage you to see things from a different perspective, but this will always happen in a loving, supportive atmosphere as we take this journey together.

I value your trust.

What you say to me stays with me.  Your trust matters to me, and I respect it accordingly. I will help to create a safe place for you to share your hopes and dreams. I will be credible, trustworthy and accountable to you.

Session Packages

Each of our calls will be about 60-minutes long. The Multi-Package discount option also includes between-session email support. Weekly or every other week appointments usually work best for most people, but we’ll figure out the schedule together.

    • 1 year/unlimited $7,500, includes 1 day in person VIP coaching session in Asheville with Desiree(also available in payment installments, please scroll down)
    • 6 mos/15 hours $2,250 (also available in payment installments, please scroll down)
    • 3 mos /10 hours $1,600
    • 5 hours $875
    • Hourly rate: $250

Select Your Package

For larger packages you can pay in 2 monthly installments.

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At checkout $1,125.00 USD
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1 year unlimited
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At checkout $3,750.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 1) $3,750.00 USD
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You bring the concept/issue and I will bring the important questions to help provide clarity, and light the fire you need to get things moving!

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